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When it comes to worthy causes that you simply have to support, charity campaigns are definitely among the most worthwhile. As such, you are going to want to spend some time looking into the ways in which you can back such causes through these amazing Asian Charity Campaign resources. Just as platforms like Lazada, Agoda, Expedia, and Aliexpress are great for all your e-commerce needs, these charity platforms are excellent for conveying the message of philanthropy properly.

You are definitely going to want to spend as much time on this sites as possible so that you can find the kinds of information that you need so that you can support your charity causes even more. As such, you will want to make the most of this opportunity to not only build your store of knowledge but also to take in perspectives from excellent sources.

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Bimonthly Charity Campaign 2019 15%

Save Child Thailand

An extremely worth resource that you simply must visit, is the kind of platform that will definitely heal your spirit if you can give it the kind of support that it needs. This means visiting the site, reading the extensive library of information with regards to what it is doing, and then doing whatever you can to provide it with the support that it sorely needs. This is a charity campaign that is trying to build a better world for children who need that help the most. If you are passionate about those kinds of missions, you are going to want to see what this site is about.
Bimonthly Charity Campaign 2019 16%


A resource that is full of the most worthy discussions with regards to important issues that need to be dealt with, a visit to friends-international.or can be one of the most rewarding experiences you could ask for. Going through its extensive list of media matters is a great idea so that you can get a better sense of what this site is all about. Take a look at such examples as “Letters: Sounding off on older Vancouver, voluntourism in Cambodia and more,” “'Poverty porn' and 'pity charity' the dark underbelly of a Cambodia orphanage,” and “Cambodia’s orphanage tourism.” You can find a lot more contents like those at the site if you visit now.
Bimonthly Charity Campaign 2019 9%

Elephant Nature Park

Full of the most inspiring discussions about elephants and the issues that they are facing on a daily basis, you are encouraged to visit if you are interested in helping these majestic creatures. You simply have to take a look at what this site has got to offer right now and see what you can do to support the cause. Among the contents worth your time reading are “Our beautiful old lady Jampaa the nanny of Yindee passed away peacefully at her forever home,” “Happy Birthday precious boy, Dok Rak – the flower of love,” “Warmest congratulations on the birth of a beautiful baby elephant at Karen Elephant Serenity project,” and “Kanjana and Fah Mui the two rescued elephants form their beautiful relationship.”
Bimonthly Charity Campaign 2019 13%

WVS Care for Dogs

Dogs are some of the most influential and sensitive creatures in the world, and they deserve to be protected at all costs, which is what is all about. When you visit this website, you can immediately feel the passion that goes into fighting to create a world in which dogs can live in safety and happiness. You can see just how far along this campaign has gone by reading “RUN FOR DOGS SUPER HALF-MARATHON»,” “Why Spaying & Neutering Is So Important»,” “Candy Is Ready! Are You?»,” and “PLEASE DON’T FORGET THEM!»” You are going to want to visit this site to get more contents like those.
Bimonthly Charity Campaign 2019 12%


There are a ton of worthwhile details to be found over at, making this site an excellent platform for you to visit if you are thinking about throwing your support behind a worthy cause. This is the kind of resource that lays out everything that you need to know about particular situations that deserve your attention most. Among them are “Dutchman shines spotlight on Thailand's baby elephant trade,” “Monitoring a Grim Rise .In the Illegal Ivory Trade,” “5 park officials wanted for poaching elephants,” and “Phuket News - 2,000 butterflies to be released on Phuket.” You definitely want to visit this site right now.
Bimonthly Charity Campaign 2019 10%


Nature requires the support and protection of humans more than anything else, which is why visiting a resource like is so important. When you check out what this website has to say about various matters related to the planet and the role that humanity has to play in protecting it, you simply must give this website a try. Among the contents that will be of use to you most are “Request coral bleaching situation report from diving/ snorkelling networks,” “Green Fins launched "Save Reefs, Save Live" documentary,” “Now on the third week of May there is a trend at many reefs that corals start bleaching again,” and “Green Fins urge tour operators in Phuket to campaign "No Fish Feeding" and "Don't Collect Coral.”
Bimonthly Charity Campaign 2019 15%

Baan Jing Jai

You are definitely going to want to check out what is all about right now. This amazing website has a ton of excellent insights into worthy causes. Among them are “United Nation Peace Memorial Hall from South Korea,” “Christmas night at Norwegian Church 2018,” “The birthday of Khun Took Jiraporn Khunphume,” “Seo Kyeong University Global Volunteers Camp 2017,” and “The visits of sponsors and donors.”
Bimonthly Charity Campaign 2019 10%

Christian Care Foundation

You simply have to visit if you are interested in providing support to those who are suffering from disabilities but are unable to actually help themselves. If you want to be able to provide assistance to these unfortunate souls, take a look at what this resource has to say on the matter of how you can be of assistance.

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