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the frugal lifestyle 26%

the frugal lifestyle

Earning more, spending less, and building up your finances, these are just some of the things that can help you out with. It’s an excellent website with some of the most useful and interesting contents about being a frugal person in an increasingly consumer centric world.
money saving mom 12%

money saving mom

Although society has advanced by a lot, mothers are still some of the most capable people when it comes to saving money, and is a resource run by a mom. You’ll want to stop by and check out what the author can offer in this regard so that you can get the most out of the money you earn.
budgets are sexy 11%

budgets are sexy

Budgeting is often considered a chore and is thus, not sexy, but can change that concept. The site provides some really good insights into what makes for an excellent budgeting system, thus giving you plenty of useful information to work with.
mighty bargain hunter 8%

mighty bargain hunter

Saving money is partly a matter of finding bargain products that are a lot less expensive than full-priced items and offers a great set of guides to help you in this area. Learn some ways to reduce your expenses when buying essentials that you may have never thought of before.
finance inspired 8%

finance inspired

How to save, how to spend, how to budget your money wisely and more, these are just some of the things that can help you with. The site is really good at bringing the point of saving home, especially to those who aren’t really all that familiar with the idea.
Just save 8%

Just save

The thing that you want to make sure when you finally get to the more advanced stages of your life is that you have enough financial security to live comfortably, and is here to help you with that. Learn about the most important lessons that will help you save money and cut down on costs for your near-term and future plans.
northern cheapskate 6%

northern cheapskate

The blog is exactly what it sounds like. It’s a resource about managing money by basically making sure that you don’t spend more than you absolutely need to. The blog can teach you ways to save money that you might have never even thought of or imagined could be done.
rockstar finance 6%

rockstar finance

Saving money is just one topic covered by, but it’s undoubtedly one of the more comprehensive sections on the site. With so many people looking for ways to cut down on their expenses, it’s only natural that the site would want to provide good, reliable information on the matter.
bargain babe 4%

bargain babe

For all intents and purposes, is all about one woman’s quest to save as much money as possible while getting the best value on items as possible. Teaching you how to shop without breaking the bank is what this site is for and the contents are really good at achieving this purpose.
fun cheap or free 4%

fun cheap or free

A rather quirky site, is all about looking at the fun side of being frugal. Being tightfisted with your money doesn’t mean giving up on the concept of fun. In fact, saving money simply forces you to get a little more creative with how you achieve fun.
Heather 4%


A superb blog, you really have to check out if you are at all interested in saving on your expenses and building up your savings. It’s got a lot of useful information and tips that are easy to understand.
my money blog 3%

my money blog

With money being such an important topic, is a blog that goes deep into some of the most effective ways to manage your expenses. It doesn’t really involve drastic budget cuts if it’s not necessary. It’s mostly about being aware when you are spending money on something you didn’t have to.


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