Asian Lifestyle Blogs Award 2018

Asian fashion, habits, practices, culture, and lifestyles are full of incredible surprises for people to discover. That’s what these amazing Asian lifestyle blogs regularly provides readers who might be interested in the latest trends occurring in their areas or simply want to get inspiration for their next wardrobe upgrade.

Those who would love to learn about new destinations for travel or new culinary experiences can definitely benefit from these blogs, as well. Checking them out can net readers plenty of information that can not only show them new ways to enjoy life but to take what they already know to the next level.

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Nominee 1


Full of what the author considers random bits of information, is actually a treasure trove of details that provide a unique look into many of the most popular destinations and cultural practices that can be found in Asia. It’s definitely worth checking out if you’re interested in the incredibly activities and hot spots that are available to you.
A great resource that provides insight into the lifestyle, entertainment, and other aspects to the Philippines that many might want to look into, is a site that has built a reputation for excellent content. The information on offer is always valuable, which makes a visit to the resource a consistent boon.
A quirky and overall entertaining website that also offers a lot of informative content, is a resource for those who are looking for tangible details without getting bored by the approach. If you like a decent amount of silliness in your reviews, travel tips, and lifestyle guides, you definitely want to give this site a try.
If you’re interested in travel, food, beauty, fashion and other lifestyle tips, is one resource that goes all out on all of those topics. The site features some excellent images and descriptive articles that are easy to understand. This makes the author’s point really easy to understand and appreciate.
If you’re interested in getting the perspective of an author who would otherwise be a normal mom who has a considerable level of passion for life, is a resource worth considering. There’s no limit to what you can do if you have the right perspective and approach to the issues you’re truly interested in.
Nominee 6


If all cooking, choosing excellent ingredients and going to the best markets is more your style, is a great website to visit. It’s got a ton of useful information that can fill up an entire kitchen’s library, giving you plenty of tips and tricks to work with when in the kitchen. It’s just one of those essential sites for culinary excellence.
Nominee 7
An empowering website for all the strong and independent women out there, is a lifestyle resource that really hits the nail on the head in terms of how to speak to the inner goddess in everyone. Learn how to take hold of your own life and stop being a passenger on the rafts made by everyone else.
Nominee 8
You’ll want to visit if your interest lies in learning about how you can truly bring your fashion, beauty, cosmetic, and travel game to the next level. Let the author of the site teach you what you can achieve if you just have the right perspective and show you what you can look forward to if you just apply yourself.
Get a load of some truly inspirational and engaging contents about lifestyle topics when you visit It’s an excellent website that truly shines in providing readers all the valuable information they can handle.
An excellent lifestyle resource with a uniquely Asian perspective thrown in, you’ll want to check out if you are interested in tips that you can apply to your own situation. If you are in need of more sophisticated, eye-catching, or just downright different takes on lifestyle topics, this is the site to visit.
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