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Aizzing 40%


A highly regarded lifestyle resource, is one of those blogs that you just can’t pass up if you want excellent information on the topic. Aizzing, pronounced Icing, is the owner and she absolutely loves to travel, review cosmetic products, and talk about life in general. There’s far too much about our brief existence to allow for mundane concerns to hold us back from really living it up, and this resource is more than capable of showing you what you could do if you really wanted to. So we say, give it a try.
Syeda Shanaz 34%

Syeda Shanaz

When visiting, it’s clear that the author is someone who is truly passionate about life. It’s a great resource for learning about some of the most amazing places in Dubai to visit, but aside from that, there are also product reviews and recommendations on certain resources that you might want to check out. With topics like “Gourmed Basilico Brunch at the Cove Rotana Resort RAK” and the “Kaziranga Jeep Safari – An awesome experience amidst the Jungle with the 1 Horn Rhino” to read through, you’ll definitely want to give this site a visit.
Nominee 1 9%


Full of what the author considers random bits of information, is actually a treasure trove of details that provide a unique look into many of the most popular destinations and cultural practices that can be found in Asia. It’s definitely worth checking out if you’re interested in the incredibly activities and hot spots that are available to you.
RainbowDiaries Singapore 6%


A wonderful and sincere lifestyle, parenting, and food blog, by the owner Shub provides readers with a heartwarming and personal look into a life that many might be familiar with. There are plenty of instances that parents everywhere can relate to, although single people can also get some valuable insights into potentially fun destinations when they visit this site.
Faith 3%


The site is the fashion, beauty, and travel resource by passionate owner Faith. The blog is where Faith shares her thoughts on certain products, lifestyle choices, traveling and so much more. Faith takes a look a lot of cosmetic items and brands, as well as clothing products and gives readers her opinion so that they can decide for themselves if they want to bother with them or not. This certainly makes stopping by this website before buying anything or going anywhere.
followmywanders logo 1%


Tina is a Singaporean lifestyle blogger who came up with the idea of Follow My Wanders, a travel and lifestyle blog that sometimes ventures into the areas of beauty, food, and motherhood. Follow My Wanders will keep you coming back for your weekly dose of breathtaking photography, engaging stories, and useful travel tips.
Nominee 4 1%


If you’re interested in travel, food, beauty, fashion and other lifestyle tips, is one resource that goes all out on all of those topics. The site features some excellent images and descriptive articles that are easy to understand. This makes the author’s point really easy to understand and appreciate. logo 1%


The website is where the author, Melvin Lee shares his experiences and opinions with regards to the places that he visits, the dining establishments that he eats in, and a bunch of other topics that readers might find interesting. If anyone wants to read contents by someone who shares the same topics they are passionate about, such as cars, health subjects, entertainment and more, visiting would be a treat. logo 1%


Deena has been living her life to the fullest, focusing on the good and the positive. She writes about beauty and health, food and drinks, travel, events, fashion and technology. Her blog reflects her personality and can become an inspiration to her readers.
Nominee 8 1%


You’ll want to visit if your interest lies in learning about how you can truly bring your fashion, beauty, cosmetic, and travel game to the next level. Let the author of the site teach you what you can achieve if you just have the right perspective and show you what you can look forward to if you just apply yourself.
Nominee 9 1%


Get a load of some truly inspirational and engaging contents about lifestyle topics when you visit It’s an excellent website that truly shines in providing readers all the valuable information they can handle.
William 1%


An excellent lifestyle resource with a uniquely Asian perspective thrown in, you’ll want to check out if you are interested in tips that you can apply to your own situation. If you are in need of more sophisticated, eye-catching, or just downright different takes on lifestyle topics, this is the site to visit.
Stephanie 1%


The site is where Stephanie Lim shares incredible lifestyle contents with readers. The contents of the site range from coverage of fashion events, great travel destinations, and brand features. There are some truly worthwhile tips and guides that you’ll want to take a look at if you are thinking of making some wardrobe changes.
Nominee 2 0%


A great resource that provides insight into the lifestyle, entertainment, and other aspects to the Philippines that many might want to look into, is a site that has built a reputation for excellent content. The information on offer is always valuable, which makes a visit to the resource a consistent boon.
Tashiara 0%


An awesome fashion, beauty, and lifestyle blog, you’ll definitely want to check out if you are interested in any of those topics. You get content that covers the fashion styles of your favorite celebrities, the latest in cosmetic or style trends, and so much more. Be sure to stop by if you are looking to upgrade wardrobe.


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