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Nominee 8 10%


Food lovers will likely see as the amazing food website that it is because of the passion that simply bleeds through the pages by the author. You can tell that this is a site owned by someone who absolutely loves food.
Nominee 1 9%


If you love Thai food, you are going to love what has to offer. This is an amazing resource with plenty of the right contents to offer, including some of Thailand’s most amazing dishes. There’s plenty to be said about a website that goes one step further than most other blogs to give you that information that you need to really appreciate what Thai cuisine is all about. It’s no wonder it’s one of our top contenders from last year’s award.
Nominee 2 9%


Yet another of our top nominees from last year’s award, is a resource that spares no effort to provide the most detailed and most rewarding information about Thai food that you could ask for. It’s pretty much exactly the kind of website that you would expect if you are looking for a resource that really cares about the kind of information that it is giving you.
Nominee 4 9%

Oh Happy Bear

An incredible website that features many of the best things about Thailand, the food items featured on this website are just amazing. You can see some of the most delectable traditional dishes that the Asian nation has to offer and really get the most of them.
Malaysian Foodie 9%

Malaysian Foodie

Malaysian Foodie is the pioneering food blog in the country. The site features reviews of local and foreign restaurants, updates and news on the latest culinary trends, scrumptious recipes, and dining recommendations for all types of travelers. If you are looking for creative and eye-catching dishes that will make your mouth water and your stomach rumble, Malaysian Foodie is the best place for you.
Nominee 3 8%


With an incredibly detailed list of contents that showcase Thai food in their best versions, is probably worth visiting if only to get some idea as to what the food from the region should look like. Treat yourself to a few hours of browsing through this website’s wonderful array of contents that just takes the concept of food blogging one step further.
Nominee 5 8%


There’s plenty to eat in Thailand and can show you where the best places are to eat and what foods you can look forward to. It’s just an all-around great resource that really understands what it means to be a food site.
Nominee 6 8%


As food blogs go, really touches on the themes that make personal food resources so enticing. The perspective of someone who truly appreciates the art and wants to share what they know with the world is something worth checking out.
Nominee 7 8%

Thai Table

With plenty of recipes that can help bring Thai foods to your table wherever you may be, is a site that you’ll definitely want to check out. The steps are easy to follow and the results, when done properly, are always amazing.
Nominee 9 8%


Cooking Thai food certainly comes with its own challenges but will make sure to remove as many of the obstacles in your way as possible. This is a site that really goes a long way towards making sure that you get to enjoy Thai food as you were meant to.
Daphne 8%


After being diagnosed with IBS and non-celiac gluten intolerance, Daphne turned to a gluten-free diet to improve her symptoms. Since then, she has completely embraced the gluten-free lifestyle. She created her blog, Healthy GF Asian, to serve as an educational resource for readers who are thinking about going gluten-free as well. The site contains nutritious recipes, thoughtful lifestyle advice, and creative inspiration.
thebakingbiatch 6%


Cynthia of The Baking Biatch does not only offer her readers delicious dessert ideas and images of scrumptious dishes from various cultures, she also manages to make her recipes baby-friendly. Mothers and foodies alike will easily get lost perusing through her healthy and colorful creations, some of which are inspired by her travels and passions.


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