Asian Food Blogs Award 2017

Food originating from Asian countries are some of the best that you’ll encounter. These include India, Thai, Chinese, Vietnamese, Japanese, Korean, Filipino, and so much more. They range from the common to the exotic and covering them all can be outright crazy. That’s why this list of Asian Food Blogs Award 2017 is so important, because the blogs listed are some of the most thorough and detailed resources.

If you are interested in not just eating Asian food but also learning how to cook the recipes, these blogs are perfect for you. Browse through the varied and essential contents of every blog to learn exactly what they are about.

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Just One Cookbook

If you are interested in Japanese cuisine, is the award winning blog that you definitely want to check out. It’s run by an actual Japanese home cook who can whip up everything from home style meals to modest luxury Japanese dishes. From ramen to sushi, is the place to check out.

daniel food diary

Quite the varied website, covers many Asian cuisines, including Chinese, Japanese and others. The dishes are always amazingly delicious to look at, fueling your desire to either find a place that serves such food or learning how to create them yourself. Either way, can help.


Malaysia is home to some of the most versatile Asian dishes you are likely to come across and this is thanks to its proximity to many other Asian nations. This is what offers to readers, with plenty of crisp images to go along with crystal clear contents on what the dishes are all about.

I eat I shoot I post

One of the most popular activities in Singapore is eating and since it’s a hub for various Asian cultures, it’s the perfect place to try out several of the region’s most amazing dishes. The blog works to provide readers with a comprehensive insight into what the food scene is like in the region and the site contains some truly amazing recipes.

lady iron chef

A food, travel, and lifestyle blog, endeavors to teach readers all the wonders of various Asian destinations, with a lot of emphasis on their food culture. In many places in Asia, food is more than just something to fill one’s belly with. A lot of ethnicities almost put their identities on the dishes they serve.

No Recipes

A veritable archive of some of the most delectable foods in existence preserved in crystal clear images, is something of a gallery for testing the willpower of food lovers. There are so many delicious dishes recorded and presented from traditional Asian cuisine to more western examples.

the woks of life

There are food blogs and then there are blogs like, which almost function as a means to archive dishes that the authors have come across. The dishes look unbelievably delicious, to be sure, but what the site is intended to do appears to be to record these amazing recipes and share them with the rest of the world.

omnivores cookbook

With a huge emphasis on Chinese cuisine, is all about dishes from the largest Asian nation, which consists of diverse traditional and contemporary delights. Witness different ways to braise pork, prepare greens, and serve rice. You’ll have the time of your life just browsing through the endless archives of contents.

kawaling pinoy

Although not as well known throughout the world as, say, Indian or Chinese, Filipino cuisine is nevertheless rising in popularity in the west. The blog is a great source of information on how to cook authentic Filipino dishes from the people who make them on a daily basis.

Sin-a-Mon Tales

Full of the most delicious recipes that you can cook or just ogle at, is a site you definitely want to check out for its wonderful content. The site also talks about traveling and some really interesting stories, so it’s a great idea to stop by from time to time to get a good feel for resource.
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