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Blue Dragon Children's Foundation

Blue Dragon Children's Foundation is a grassroots charity serving children in crisis throughout Vietnam. They rescue street kids and children who are trafficked from danger and slavery, reunite them with their families, and provide all the services needed for their recovery and growth. On the 'Latest News' section of Blue Dragon's website, you will find joyful and inspiring stories. With these stories, Blue Dragon aims at keeping their supporters informed about the impact they make. Equally important, Blue Dragon shares stories that will help the world understand the reality of issues like poverty, modern-day slavery and child sexual abuse, in order to stir people to action so they can become part of the solution.
Bimonthly Asian Charity Campaign 2019 9%

Make A Difference

If you are looking for new ways in which you can support a truly worthy cause, is the site that you are going to want to visit. Just see for yourself when you take a look at such examples as the site’s goals and missions where you will find “Age Transitional Model,” “Impact Meta-model,” and others like them. There is just so much that you can learn when you visit this site so you will definitely want to do so.
Bimonthly Asian Charity Campaign 2019 9%


Discussions about a cause that you are definitely going to want to learn more about are what you will find over at Be sure to read such examples as “IDIA – Jashpur District Administration Sensitisation Programme 2019,” “IDIA Punjab Chapter Fundraiser | A First for the Chapter,” “THE ONE WHERE IT ALL BEGAN | First Sensitisation by IDIA Tamil Nadu Chapter,” and “Top law firms in Kolkata and other cities come on board as IDIA’s internship partners!” When you visit the site right now, you will find even more contents like those.
Bimonthly Asian Charity Campaign 2019 9%

Educate Girls

Go ahead and take a look at what is all about right now and you are absolutely going to find your time spent over there worth your while. Be sure to take a look at such examples as “Triggering Success Innovative Interventions to Promote Educational Access in India: Harvard University South Asia Institute & Tata Trusts,” “The UN GCNI and Deloitte Best Practices Compendium on Gender Equality,” “Creative Learning and Teaching (CLT) Techniques Reports,” and “Educate A Child (EAC): A case study on Educate Girls.” There are more contents like these to be found at the site.
Bimonthly Asian Charity Campaign 2019 9%

Childline India Foundation

Children everywhere suffering from a lot of issues and is one of the resources that are trying to do something about it. If you absolutely want to do something about such things, you must take a look at this site right now and everything that it has to offer. This resource talks about so many important matters related to helping children who are suffering from abuses of all kinds.

Child Rights and You

Of all the most worthy causes in the world, one of the ones that give you plenty of satisfaction when you try and do something about it is the one that is trying to do something about. Go ahead and see this for yourself when you take a look at such examples as “The health of your child is in your hands,” “It takes a village to raise a child,” “Thimma Reddy- a positive, young force in Raichur,” “World Children’s Day: Empowering Young People for Global Development and Peace,” “From a dropout to a role model!,” and “From Fighting Depression to Being Herself!”
Bimonthly Asian Charity Campaign 2019 8%

Gift of Happiness Foundation

You are definitely going to be inspired with your time taking a look at right now. Among the contents most worthy of your attention are “Five Starr Hotel Supporting HAPPINESS in Bangkok!,” “Celebrating Years of HAPPINESS in Thailand!,” “Clothing Given Freely in Bangkok,” “Essential Goods for Free in Mae Sot, Thailand,” and “A Hot and Smelly Day on a Bangkok Garbage Dump.” You are going to want to check out this site for even more contents like those.
Bimonthly Asian Charity Campaign 2019 8%


When you visit right now, you are definitely going to want to take a look at what cause this resource is supporting. Go ahead and check out such examples as “Survey on Gender Issues in Sundarbans, by Blanche Mattern,” “My training at Mukti, by Blanche Mattern,” “Creative and Organized. More Information, More Features. New Look – Our New Website!,” and “An Effort to Provide you the Info You Need.” If you are interested in supporting the cause that this resource if fighting for, you will have to visit this site.
Bimonthly Asian Charity Campaign 2019 8%


You will absolutely appreciate what is all about when you take a look at the cause that it is trying to spread the word about. Be sure to check out such examples of the site’s contents as “International Disability Day celebrated at Deepalaya,” “Nutritious food for Kids by Soubhagya Nirmalam Foundation (SNF),” “American Express invited Deepalaya School Kids at their office,” and “Annual Day Celebrated With Exuberance at Deepalaya School, Kalkaji Extension.” If you appreciate what those contents have to share, you simply have to check this site out.


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