Best Travel Blogs Award 2019

Are you in search for travel websites that offer budget or luxury travel, some adventure or just wanted to read someone’s travel experiences? Our list presents the best and most active travel blogs today with plenty of articles to read and enjoy. Take time to browse the blogs and enjoy what the site has to offer. Now plan that trip and know tips and gather information about the best destinations there is today.

You really don’t want to miss out on the awesome contents that can be found on these websites, especially if you are a true sports enthusiast. Not only do they contain information that would be of use to you, they can be quite entertaining to read. So if you are going to learn anything about the topics covered, anyway, you might as well do so with resources that will actually be fun to visit.

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This is a family oriented website that shares articles about travel experiences. This website has been recognized worldwide with thousands of followers in social media. Discover exciting places that are suited for families with children. Check out their tips and reviews that are readily available on this site.
A professional travel site that offers articles about travel resources and continues to publish writings to help travel enthusiasts find the best destinations and satisfy their wanderlust. Check out each review and learn how to be a responsible traveler by acquiring knowledge and information.
Nahm is a classy travel blogger who shares her adventures be it on travel or food. This blog is suited for strong and independent women travelers who want to make a journey and discover what they really want in life. It is also for solo travelers who wanted to hit the road and be with the locals and enjoy the best things that life has to offer.
Chill is a well-traveled backpacker who owns a blog with thousands of followers. This website caters to individuals with the lust for some travel adventure. Get some travel advice and tricks that can guide you to each destination.

The best food destination is found here. Know more about each restaurant’s new menu and new products and travel around the city to enjoy the scenery. Each article is presented with beautifully photographed images that can surely entice and awake the senses.

Thai Food Travel

Bookmark this blog for some great adventure around Thailand. This website is the best resource for those who are in search for some information about Thailand, its culture, its people and most especially its food. Be with the locals and discover how great it is to have travelled the place.

Tiny Patch

This website is about being a healthy traveler. Tiny Pach is well-driven lady who loves collecting experiences and sharing it to the world thru her writing. She describes her travels as like opening a gift box. There is no way of knowing what is inside until you open or touch it.

Oh Happy Bear

Considered as an influencer, this blog showcases travel and food. Based in Bangkok, this website was featured in several Top Blog listings. Discover great places in Thailand and enjoy its food and culture.

2 Madames

2madames.comis a family blog that focuses on travel and some adventure. The Tourism Authority of Thailand has recognized this blog and has been considered to be a great resource of information about travel abroad. Each article is well-written and all information given are reliable.
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